(Eng) Analysis and visualization of data in Digital Twins technology – Cloud and Autodesk Forge

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(Eng) Analysis and visualization of data in Digital Twins technology – Cloud and Autodesk Forge

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No matter where was the BIM or Digital Twin model data generated, whether during the BIM project process, by different sensor measurements or by using IoT, I believe that every reader of this article is aware that its analysis and visualization can be considered as the key tool which enables us to achieve considerable savings. It is equally possible to save during the BIM project process, but also in the scenario when we strive to optimize economic and ecological aspect of building exploitation.

But, Cloud and Autodesk Forge platforms do not give us the possibility of maximum optimization only in the industries in which we are used to presence of BIM and Digital Twins technology – like airplane industry, shipbuilding, construction, bio-mechanics, etc. Cloud based models using the Autodesk Forge platform enables us to, besides desktop applications, make the necessary analysis and visualization of data in the Cloud project environment, as well as on the Autodesk Forge platform.

When we want to analyze and visualize the data from the BIM or Digital Twins model, we can use many tools and access points, but in today`s article I will focus on the most efficient and mostly used data analysis and visualization methods with the potentially widest application in various areas and disciplines. In the following part of the article, I will address both desktop solutions, as well as Cloud solutions that give the possibility of efficient BIM or Digital Twins model data analysis and visualization. For the very end of this text, I will write about Autodesk Forge, as the platform where everything is possible...

For more info, please select the following link:

https://www.teamcad.rs/index.php/en/new ... desk-forge

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