(Eng) Digital Twins In The Construction Industry

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(Eng) Digital Twins In The Construction Industry

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For the beginning of the text, one interesting question - do you know when and how digital twinning technology was developed? I think the answer will amuse you - the technology of creating a digital twin model, in the format we know today, which is an existing or designed object and an identical copy of the object in digital format, was created in 2002 and was first used in astronomy by NASA for the production or procurement of various components and systems from different suppliers.

Digital twin models have been used primarily to calculate the life cycle of components, systems, and various assemblies and structures after installation, production, and construction. Primarily, digital twins were used to estimate the cost of maintaining different components, systems, circuits, and buildings by making various simulations of phenomena and processes that would occur on existing objects using their digital format replicas. I assume that you have concluded that by accessing a digital replica of an existing building, component or system and simulating the various real-world impacts on them we come to the information on all aspects and causes of the life cycle costs of a particular object, component, or systems in a real environment and in the real-world impacts of different phenomena that interact with an building, component, or system in a much cheaper way...

For more details, please click on the following link:

https://www.teamcad.rs/index.php/en/new ... n-industry
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