(Eng) The BIM Modelling Convention

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(Eng) The BIM Modelling Convention

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In order to be able to delve deeper into the analysis of the BIM aspect related to the topic we are going to cover, I think it would be very useful to define, at the very beginning of the article, the context and definition of the word „convention“ put in the context of BIM workflow. There are indeed many definitions of what the word convention means exactly, depending on the context in which the word convention is used. In trying to find the correct definition of the word conventions, which would best fit into the context of a BIM workflow, I came across two definitions that, in my opinion, best fit this purpose.

By the first definition, the word „convention“ in the context of a BIM workflow can be defined as: "A rule, methodology or common practice established by long-term use by users."

Another very appropriate definition of the word „convention“, which can help us put the word in the right context within the BIM workflow, is: "A convention is an agreement, an agreed use, and a standard procedure established by long-term use by users."

For more information, please click to the following link:

https://www.teamcad.rs/index.php/en/new ... convention
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